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Officers & Board of Directors

Nat Killpatrick, Basden Steel

Vice President:
Paul Parks, P2 Programming

Jerry Bratton, Bratton Steel

TSSI Executive Secretary:
Mike Rippamonti

Board of Directors:
Dru Doggett, C&F Steel (Past President)
Craig Ray, Keystone Steel Services
Rob Beason, American Steel & Aluminum
David Merrifield, Alpha Fabrication Services
David Yoes, Cardinal Metals
David Barajas, DataQuest Systems
Brian Ward, AISC - Advisory Role


Budget and Finance
Chairman: Mike Rippamonti

Construction Practices, Credit and Lien Rights
Chairman: Jerry Bratton, Bratton Steel

Educational Affairs
Chairman: Board Function

Chairman: Texas Construction Association

Membership and Bylaws
Chairman: Paul Parks, P2 Programs

Chairman: Paul Parks, P2 Programs

Promotion and Industry Trends
Chairman: Board Function/AISC

Production Technology
Chairman: David Merrifield, Alpha Fabrication Services

Production Trends
Co-Chairmen: Rob Beason, American Steel & Aluminum

Chairman: Open Discussion

2024 Membership Roster

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Mission Statement

Texas Structural Steel Institute promotes the design and use of fabricated structural steel as the material of choice for buildings, bridges, and industrial facilities.