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About Us

The Texas Structural Steel Institute is a non-profit organization of Texas structural steel fabricators and suppliers including the service industries that support them. TSSI was first formed in 1928. Since then, many people and companies have come into the world of steel fabrication. From startup companies to mature giants of this industry, all of the members have benefited from their association with TSSI. TSSI is able to provide diversity of membership due to its low fee structure. Open to any firm in Texas or surrounding states that fabricate steel. The quarterly meetings provide an opportunity to network with people that are the decision makers having similar experiences and interests. As fabricators, we know the importance and benefit of sharing relevant information. TSSI is proud to have industry leaders support our organization. Steel mills, warehouses, erectors, joist and deck suppliers, detailers, engineers, grating manufacturers, galvanizing and coating suppliers and software firms as associate members provide reports on current business conditions.

The benefits of membership to TSSI are many:

  • TSSI quarterly business meetings are an enriching way to bring together steel industry professionals who share an interest in the use of structural steel.
  • TSSI strives to offer reliable and accurate information regarding technical developments, construction and general business conditions in the industry.
  • TSSI cooperates and supports the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), and Structural Engineers Association of Texas (SEAoT), and other groups by sponsoring seminars, conferences, and speakers.
  • TSSI quarterly business meetings include information on improved methods of design and shop practices.
  • TSSI quarterly business meetings include reports from AISC, OSHA actions, legal issues, legislative actions, safety, education, environmental, labor, freight and mill/service center reports.
  • Networking with your peers and round-table discussions are a valuable sharing of ideas and methods critical to the operation of a fabrication facility.
  • Each member of TSSI is automatically a member of the Texas Construction Association whose role is to provide legislative advocacy in a unified force to influence and strengthen authority for subcontractors and suppliers in the legislative arena in Austin, Texas.

2024 Membership Roster

View our membership roster here.

Texas Structural Steel Institute

Phone: 361-935-7020

Mission Statement

Texas Structural Steel Institute promotes the design and use of fabricated structural steel as the material of choice for buildings, bridges, and industrial facilities.