About us
In 2002, the Officers and the Board of Directors of Texas Structural Steel Institute (TSSI) made a commitment to revitalize this organization. The programs for the past few years have been excellent and well received by the membership. Attendance at each meeting has steadily increased as the membership continues to grow.
We believe that this organization has much to offer steel fabricators and their suppliers. We want to do all that we can to help you to improve your organization and assist in making it more profitable by your participation in our meetings and committees.
We believe that steel is the material of choice for buildings in this century and are committed to do all that we can to work towards making this a reality.

A Little History Lesson
The Texas Structural Steel Institute is a non-profit organization of Texas structural steel fabricators and suppliers including the service industries that support them. TSSI was first formed in 1928. Since then, many people and companies have come into the world of steel fabrication. From startup companies to mature giants of this industry, all of the members have benefited from their association with TSSI.
The quarterly meetings provide an opportunity to network with people that are the decision makers having similar experiences and interests.


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